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Main / Religion / Praying


Prayer can increase your faith and give occasional gifts and boosts.

As with other timed actions, you only gain half the favor while praying compared to when doing nothing, although favor gain is one possible result of praying.

It is still being discussed whether or not prayer skill affects the type and amount of rewards given when praying at an altar. (see discussion).

Praying timer is affected by praying skill and quality of altar (see discussion for more info)

Gaining Faith

You need to pray at an altar of your god to gain faith.

You can pray as often as you want but only five prayers, spaced at least 20 minutes apart, will increase your faith in any 24 hour period. The 24 hours is determined by server uptime. Use the chat command /uptime to check this. In other words, you can pray five times between zero uptime and 24 hours, five more between one day and two days, etc. If, however, you do not gain faith from praying, the action does not count towards the daily five prayer cap, though this scenario occurs when praying while you're non-premium.

These are the messages you may see when gaining faith while praying.

  • You feel calm and solemn.
  • Was that a sudden gust of wind? Maybe <god> is pleased with your devotion?
  • You feel sincere devotion to <god>.
  • You can almost feel that an envoy of <god> is watching you.
  • You are relying on <god> to help you.
  • You have a feeling that <god> is here with you now.
  • Deep in your heart, you feel certain that <god> is pleased with you and will protect you.

Praying Locations

You can pray at other locations than altars, depending on your god. While these actions will still give you prayer skill, praying at these locations does not increase your faith, but you can get gifts.

Gifts from the Gods

The skill prayer can give a gift to the player. Here are some of the messages you may get and what effect it has:

  • "You send your prayers to <god>."
  • "<god> is pleased with your devotion." - Faith gain.
  • "Your pocket suddenly feels heavier." - Gift of 1-10 iron coins.
  • "Your legs tingle and you feel unstoppable." - Farwalker effect for 45 seconds.
  • "<god> gives you some favor." - Instant 10 favor boost.
  • "<god> puts something in your pocket." - Receive an item, can be either one of Mushroom, Flint, Salt or Gem. Higher skill increases chance of receiving a better gift.
  • "<god> grants you faster favor gain." - Doubled favor gain for 5 minutes.
  • "You are blessed with some Mind logic." - A gift of Characteristic for Vynora followers (+0.000099 up to +0.000101).
  • "You are blessed with some Body Strength." - A gift of Characteristic for Magranon and Libila followers (+0.000099 up to +0.000101).
  • "You are blessed with some Body Stamina." - A gift of Characteristic for Fo followers (+0.000099 up to +0.000101).
  • "<god> heals you." - Fully heals one of your wounds.
  • "<god> heals <creature>." - A 3x3 area-of-effect heal that is only available to priests. Fully heals one wound on every friendly player or creature near you, excluding yourself.
  • "<Pet's name> suddenly seems more loyal" - Increases the loyalty rating of your current pet by a small amount. Can appear if current pet is a zombie or dominated animal, though its effect in that case is unknown.
  • "You sober up and your addiction is removed." - Removes alcohol addiction and cures drunkenness.
  • "Nothing special seems to happen."

Holy sites

Players can receive a map of a Holy site from prayer, but only on those actions that could possibly give faith.

The chance to get a map is increased by:

  • Current Faith Bonus
  • Altar rarity

Skills & Characteristics


  • Reverent at 50 skill
  • Pious at 70 skill
  • Ascetic at 90 skill


  • Gem will become a gift at 50+ Faith.
  • Higher skill results in a slight decrease in timer example at 11 prayer your timer is at 28.3 but at 44 its at 25
  • Praying can be done while moving, so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.