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Nutrition is a measure of how well fed you are, or how much nutrition is in your body; not to be mistaken for health or food level. Your current nutrition level can be seen by hovering mouse over the thirst/hunger bar. It is also reflected by the color of the hunger bar: darker green is better.


  • Your nutrition level affects how soon you will become hungry, or the speed at which your food bar drops.
  • High nutrition will give you a skill gain bonus. For every increase of 10% nutrition over 50%, there is an increase of 1% skill gain.
    • For example, at 70% nutrition, your skill gains will be increased by 2%, and at 85% nutrition, your skill gains will be increased by 3.5%.
    • The maximum possible nutrition is 99%, giving a bonus of 4.9% skill gain.
    • Nutrition under 50% has no effect on skill gain, positive or negative.
  • Nutrition over 60% gives a minor bonus to natural healing rate.

Nutritive food

Any food has a nutrient value. Eating food will make your body's nutrition level go towards the food's nutrient value. Raw vegetables, cheese, and raw meat have the lowest nutrient values.

For the best nutrition, eat the dish while it is still hot. Cold dishes will nourish you less, although you can re-heat them later. Note that your action timer will be different, saying eating hot meal instead of eating meal, for example.

  • Raw meat may nourish you to about 11%.
  • Cooked meat may nourish you to about 17%.
  • Heart from a lava fiend may nourish you to 30-31%.
  • Fish of low quality may nourish you up to 32%.
  • Sacrifice a rare item of full weight at an altar to gain an easy 99% nutrition.