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The aquatic life of Wurm

Yum! Fish make a tasty treat when cooked! They can also be eaten raw.

Known species

Fish weight is based on its QL. For each fish species there is a multiplier for this formula: QL * multiplier

Fish Weight (10ql) Multiplier Rod damage*
Brook trout 0.30kg 0.03 2
Carp 1.60kg 0.16 3
Catfish 2.50kg 0.25 4
Herring 0.03kg 0.003 0
Perch 0.05kg 0.005 1
Pike 0.60kg 0.06 4
Roach 0.02kg 0.002 0
Smallmouth bass 0.40kg 0.04 2
Snook 2.00kg 0.2 5
Special fish
Blue shark 4.00kg 0.4 1
Dorado 3.00kg 0.3 1
Marlin 20.00kg 2 1
Octopus 1.00kg 0.1
Sailfish 1.00kg 0.1
Tuna 6.00kg 0.6 1
White shark 20.00kg 2 1

* = damage on the fishing rod is based on the fish weight.

Formula: weight divided by 3 and multiplied with the shown damage multiplier, then rounded down to one decimal.

Your skill in fishing reduces the rod damage and the chance to break.

Fish Calculator excel and Fish Calculator on google docs is a calculator to aid you in working out min fish fillets for a larger amount of fish.


Certain rarity bonuses have been discovered for both fish and fishing rods.


Rare rolls are at the "Something Bites" event message.
You have a moment of inspiration...
Something bites.

At this point you have a chance to actually catch the fish, have your line snap, or have the fish get away. At lower fishing skills you may lose these fish more often than at higher skill levels. These fish are slightly heavier than a fish of the same quality level. You can use them in meals, but they will not make the meal rare nor will butchering them give rare fillets. They may be sacrificed at an altar for a refresh like all other rares.


  • Fish decay extremely rapidly after a few hours in your inventory and out of water. To prevent decay, fish can be stored in food storage bins and in crates.
  • Look for fish swimming in deeper water for better and bigger fish.
  • A boat is necessary to fish in the middle of an ocean or lake.
  • Smaller fish are excellent to use as taming meat, as they are usually very high quality.

See fishing for more details.