Picnic basket

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Picnic basket
A Picnic basket

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Picnic basket (0.80kg)
Skill and improvement
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A wicker basket with containers for storing a bit of food and drink for travelling. 'Christmas 2016' has been engraved under the lid.

A decorative gift that gives pleasure to all. They are all provided with a quality of 99.


Store food and drink

Picnic basket inside.png

Decay ticks take twice as long to happen and are reduced by 75%


Picnic baskets were given to premium players as a Christmas gift in 2016.


  • Picnic basket holds 2kg of liquid and 2.2kg of food and is limited to 3 items
  • Lunchbox is a craftable version of the Picnic Basket
  • Picnic baskets cannot be dyed. This is despite a right-click menu option appearing to permit it.