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Gold 2

Semi active from gold 2 map start, while maintaining a presence primarily on IRC.
Resumed full time play on September 12th 2008.
Sporadically inactive during 2009 due to medical concerns.
Temporarily retired early 2010.
Returned September 2011.

Character Notes

Levedara - Made a GM account by Oracle on October 7th 2008.

I can create wiki accounts. If you would like one please PM me on the forums.

Mithika - CM and play account since G1, appointed by Unforgiven.

Other previous alts are permanently retired.


  • Digger / Excavator / Landshaper
  • Farmer
  • Miner
  • Mason
  • Handywoman
  • Carpenter
  • Troll Slayer
  • Soldier

Special Titles

  • Destroyer of Faith - Levedara.
  • Keeper of Faith - Mithika.


Designer of Elysian Fields ~ Size 10 village on the freedom(independence) server, now disbanded.
Designer of Chalice ~ Size 10 village on the old home server, disbanded.
Terraforming via surface mining of the highest mountain on Deliverance for the Nexus deed.

A Godly Interpretation; A truth as he told it.

I have been a simple man, I toil the land and harvest my crops and bend my knee to the gods that have given me this free life to live in these peaceful lands. How blessed am I under the watching eye, with Vynora's gifts I work easily the earth and raise my humble home. How blessed I am under the peaceful gaze, with Fo's warmth I tend my crops and grow the lush fruits in this quiet cove surrounded by tundra. How blessed am I under the protective arm, as Magranon has shown me the vision of sword and shield that I might keep back the creatures that stalk the cold plain.

I have found this place perfect, nestled softly in a cove that scars the coast of a great tundra where nothing grows. Here I saw a chance for something beautiful and strong. So I have toiled with their blessings to raise trees and find strong stone, to make a home out of nothing. Here I have known peace and I have prospered, in a quiet reverie that has lasted many a year.

Woe was I when under their blessing came circumstances that I had never dreamed of, for so remote was I that hostility had never crossed the meandering thoughts of my peaceful pondering.

Upon my return from daily endeavors, long have I struggled to find in my distant mine better ore that might grant me stronger tools, I find myself gazing upon an unwelcome sight. Two things are wrong with what I see before me, the first being a mangy man dressed in the tattered cloths of a poor life, with his thin frame casting a sickly shadow across the crime he has committed. There upon the ground my one hen dead, a testament to this man's evil ways, her feathers cast about in a grizzly display, while he stood unconcerned and chewing upon a raw slab of her flesh. Such wickedness! I wept in my heart at the loss and the terror of facing such a cruel being that would come to my home and take what was mine.

Daring to speak this wretch loosed his tongue. He ushered words of ignorance and disregard. No remorse had he for my loss, with a fickle sorry and an empty promise, maybe if he found another chicken he'd bring it back for me. He even dared to challenge me, if not a lock on my gate, am I not offering unto my neighbors the bounty of my earnings? Am I not willing to share with the needy? How I quaked in my boots at his offhand denunciations of guilt and bid that he go from my home to leave me in peace, and quickly into the shelter of my walls I fled to pray for help and guidance.

And to Vynora I raised my voice for surely she that held in her heart the will for a strong civilization of man would have an answer. I begged that I be given my revenge. Yet unto me she only said;

"Oh farmer of the land, maker of roads, how sad it is to see. You must be grateful to this man, for he has brought a gift of knowledge to you in this quiet place. I shall show you the lock that he has spoken of, and you may make one to protect those things that you would be grieved to share. Use what you learn well my child and you shall prosper."

Shocked I was that my loss could be called a blessing in disguise. Resigned to a wounded fate I studied the idea in my mind that held the workings of the lock and went to sleep so that I might wake early in the morn to face the trek to the mine and create this device.

The morning held not the man, gone from my sight as I had bade him, and so wearily I made my way distant to the dark hole where many hours did pass before I again saw the light of day. Triumphant though troubled I emerged with lock in hand. Two I had made with some great effort, one for my home and one for my field, and a key tucked deep in my pocket. Imagine my shock when around the bend I came, betwixt the narrow clefts of the deep valley, there was he this man of spite and before him the trees I had struggled to raise in this barren waste. Trees upon the ground. Felled and dead before him. So livid was I that loudly I cursed in tones meant only for the most hated of enemies. Yet this man so deceitful merely gazed at me with an expression bored.

Woe the wicked, I denounced his right to live, I befouled his lineage and set cruel fate against him with my tongue. Yet he to me would only say that trees are of the land, that he could not know these trees are my own, for if they were my own would I not put them behind a fence? My knuckles white with the fury of my grip upon the locks I had made I stormed into my home and took my sword from under my bed.

To Magranon then did I raise my pleas for surely he so strong and just would see the righteousness of my need. Yet unto me he said;

"Oh warrior in the field, slayer of wolves and wicked beasts, how it pains me to see. What law has he broken for you to be so full of hate. You must know that your sword cannot be turned upon an innocent in my name. For surely to the land you are both equal, and while one my plant another may cut. Take from the earth with your pick-axe as I have bade you to do, and guard your land with walls and the locks of dearest Vynora. Turn aside your anger child, and learn from this, for your struggles will make you stronger."

Weeping with hurt I cast my sword aside, clanging coldly against the bricks of my oven. Weak from being chided so I crawled into my bed and fell into a restless slumber dreaming of the peace I once had know and shivering from nightmares of malicious thieves scouring every inch of my sanctuary.

The next day was one of hard effort and every moment of it was plagued by the sounds of my nemesis tearing wood to pieces. From the nearby rock quarry I gathered much stone and I set it to the earth as I had been bidden to do. Being short a lock I connected the field directly to my house though it shamed me to lose the open freedom of my once much enjoyed back door, where previously I had spent many hours weaving cloth in the peaceful evenings. Though my task was completed late in the day time away from this plague was to my mind a wise excursion and so I set my legs in the long march to distant hills with my sickle on my belt and a longing for tall trees warmed in my heart.

Late was the hour of my return and nearly my death in the darkened terrain did I find. As my feet did follow a once familiar path I stumbled, tumbled, and rolled, staining myself with dirt and debris as I met the soft earth violently. When my agony had passed I crawled from the strange pit on my path and held my lantern high for a vision of what had become of the land that once I had loved. Scarred and ruined, dirt in piles, tundra ripped to shreds and gentle slopes turned to mad dives, I felt strangely hollow as I witnessed my life's work turned to rubble. Carefully I picked my way past strewn gravel and scrap piles while my eyes without a flinch bore down upon the back of my nightmare as he dug at the earth with his hateful shovel. Not a word did I say but to my domain I crept where I spread my collection of sprouts upon my bedside. Many damaged from my fall but still holding enough life to seed the earth I wondered if I should continue with this struggle.

Whispering with a weight of sorry I called out to Fo for surely the lover of life would recognize the tragedy of my story and grant me some reprieve. Yet unto me Fo said;

"Oh gardener, spreading seeds, life bringer, how it pains me to see. Do not fill your heart with wickedness, for in my eyes is not the Thorn also a plant that may grow free? Do I not tend all roots with my love? Truly some may open wounds yet all life is sacred and I will grant no ill will to your neighbor for surely he must live as well as you. Learn from this and do as my peers have told you."

Empty I pushed the sprouts from my bedside and slept where I had knelt, the nights temperature seeping through the stone floor and working its way deep into my bones, making them feel as cold as my heart had become.

The pain of waking was a blossom of reality as every inch of me creaked in protest at the treatment the floor and given. A dull throb filled the back of my skull as each joint echoed its protests yet none of this compared to how downtrodden I felt in my soul. For every blessing I once thought granted upon me was stripped away and it seemed there was no hope in this place. As I went to my door it was then that I noticed through the window the fog. Wet and sickly, almost red, so thick I could hardly see. Stepping slowly from my abode I furtively glanced this way and that. Confused by such a dark spectacle I felt a sense of dread as I slowly edged towards the home of my usurper.

That sight was one that I have framed deep in the back of my mind never to be forgotten. Around her was a nimbus of light, dark yet bright, and upon her face was an inflection of timelessness unmatched by centuries of existence. Something inside of me instinctively shuddered as I dropped to my knees. Gazing upon what she held in her hands the awe I felt was like the weight of a collosus and I could not hope to keep my footing. The scythe was a frightening thing. So many times had I used such an instrument yet in her hand it was more than just a tool to reap the earth. In her hand it was a blade to sheer souls. The cold glitter of its blade was undiminished by the stain of blood along its midsection and the long, thin, trail of blood dripping down towards the ground seemed somehow appropriate. The head she held in her other hand was satisfying to my notion of justice, though my stomach quailed at the gore, dangling loosely below it as she held it in a light grip by the hair. His face looked terrified, as if every monster from hellish Jackal had presented themselves to him before his life was neatly severed away from his horrified body.

And I said to her, though I did not know her name, that I would be hers for all time. And she said to me;

"I am Libila and I am true. I will not forsake you, reaper of the land, cutter of the trees, and killer of living things. I see how strong you are and I release you from your bonds. No more shall you suffer lessons at the hands of your brothers, but they shall learn from you. You will teach them the meaning of trespass, and none may trespass against you so freely again. You are my vassal, and I give you the right to kill. Leave their bodies to the earth and I shall never let you hunger, remember how they have hurt you and I shall always keep you warm."

Elated I rose from the ground and called to the sky, my cries echoing off the clouds, and filling the air with a promise of vengeance. I saw that she was gone then leaving where she had stood a darkened patch of ground. Upon it was his corpse cold, and the bloody scythe, yet no head could I find. As I took the meats of his dead flesh and lifted the scythe into my hands I felt a warmth seeping from the earth. Marveled I crouched to touch the earth and found it soft and alive, pulsing and rustling against the body. Draining it of all its vitality. And as I touched it, I could tell, that it was feeding me, feeding me with him.

When I set out that evening I felt no regret. I am certain I heard a whisper of worry leaking from the shattered altars of the three I had left behind. Scythe in hand I set out to teach a lesson in blood.

Avatars I have made for the Wurm Forums

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Gold, Before the Reset

White light moderator.

Began playing August 18th 2006.

Levedara started play and shortly after founded her village Dragon's Reach. She learned of dragon's and swore she'd have one. She spent time in Libilian Outlaws on the wild server before moving back home, to take care of the huge egg that she was given by Sunn. Her dragon egg was hatched at Lion's Head and she founded the village of Darashurth nearby.

After her dragon was slain Levedara moved back to wild and joined VCS where she resided until the reset.


  • Dragonslayer ~ Apr 17, 2007 5:46:20 AM Levedara slayed the Aged fat white dragon hatchling

~ RIP Iej`Vex, hatched by Leve's hand, and killed by her blade.

  • Miner ~ Acquired title in Hammerfell.
  • Digger ~ Acquired title in Whosville.
  • Excavator ~ Acquired title at Darashurth.
  • Handyman ~ Acquired title in LO.
  • Trollslayer ~ Acquired title on Wild Server.
  • Mason ~ Acquired title in OO.
  • Carpenter ~ Acquired title at Darashurth Estates
  • Prime Minester ~ Acquired at Lion's Head.
  • Tanner ~ Title on Allessendressa, Acquired in Hammerfell.
  • High Tanner ~ Title on Allessendressa, Acquired in Lion's Head.
  • Master Tanner ~ Title on Allessendressa, Acquired in LO.
  • Cook ~ Title on Allessendressa, Acquired at Lion's Head.
  • Blacksmith ~ Title on Svartalf, Acquired at Lion's Head.
  • Smith ~ Title on Svartalf, Acquired at Lion's Head.
  • Weaponsmith ~ Title on Svartalf, Acquired at Lion's Head.


  • Levedara ~ Main account, member of VCS.
  • Dragonfell ~ Priest of Vynora, Holder of the Darashurth Estates Deed.
  • Svartalf ~ Grey Eminence (Elder Rank), Lions Head.
  • Mithika ~ Priest of Fo, Cm Account, Steward of NT.
  • Allessendressa ~ Master Tanner, Mayor of Darashurth.