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Historical settlement

This settlement existed on an older map of Wurm.

Lion's Head- "Do unto others, before they do unto you"

Lion's Head is a size ten village located along the coast south from Rockcliff, along the northern highway, at the very base of Gold Mountain. The area is rich in resources, being near Iron, Gold, copper, flint, clay, tar, and lots of Wood of all kinds. Bears, wolves, mountain lions, wild boars, dogs, crocodiles and spiders are found frequently in the area.

The city itself strives to be picturesque, and offers a majestic view of Gold Mountain.

It is home to some of the more skilled and well known craftspeople on home server.


Lion's Head began as a thread on the Lionhead Studios forums. The first settlement was located a short ways north of Newtown, near the homesteads of Ruidean and Lake View. The plan was to found a deeded village, which was impossible in that location. Therefore, after much discussion, a new location was decided on in the resource rich coast at the base of Gold Mountain (sometimes called Twin Peaks Mountain).

The brave pioneers loaded all their belongings upon several rafts, and began the long journey to the North, watching for bears with great vigilance. The journey lasted several days, everyone moving slowly with their rafts and other burdens. Some things were lost, including the entire set of blacksmith's equipment. Several players were injured upon coming ashore, and one was killed due to the heavy concentration of wildlife in the area.

Finally, the new location was picked, and the settlement quickly founded in the ruins of an older settlement. They were soon to discover that this settlement was not quite abandoned, however. The sole survivor of the previous town, Stingard, was still holding the fort. Rara was his name, and he was not exactly pleased to see a bunch of newbies building a town in his front yard. However, what began as an unfortunate misunderstanding soon became a great boon of fortune, as Rara became one of the town's most valued members, bringing with him great experience and skill to guide the village in its infancy.

Since then, Lion's Head has grown into a significant trade center. Its merchants have on offer all manner of goods, some of them extraordinarily rare and valuable.


Currently Active Members

  • Ironlion- Founder/Mayor
  • Rara- Elder, Majordomo
  • Nubcaek- Elder, Founder
  • Miggy- Elder, Founder
  • Harmonixer- Elder, Founder
  • Svartalf- Elder
  • Alessendressa
  • Manieczek
  • Neoxis
  • Solar
  • Dragonfell
  • Franek
  • Banana
  • Leopater
  • Nebumoth
  • Lordfox
  • Hurjolf

"Legacy" Members

  • Raggs- Elder, Founder
  • Ravek- Elder, Founder
  • Slugfly
  • Dreadhead
  • Evillion
  • Monde
  • Solar
  • Derobrash
  • Apocryphite

Honorary Citizens

Points of Interest

  • The Tradehouses- located on the waterfront, most of the merchants are here
  • Rara's Luxury Armour Shop- This place has high quality armour of all kinds, and is the only store on home that offers armour of this calibre. Drake Hide, Steel plate, Iron Chain, 'specialty' chain, and Studded Leather.
  • Gold Mountain Inn- Here's the place to grab a cool drink, a hot meal, and a good night's sleep
  • Off Topic Goods- The home of the trader. (currently closed to the public due to excessive leeching/abuse)

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