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A former player from back in 2008. Only played for about two weeks and was forced to quit due to now owning a proper PC to run the game and was constantly forced to use a friends.

Returned in August of 2010 (Originally as Daggani, but Sirus was made to be sent to Premium) and quickly became addicted to the wonderful world of Wurm. A chance meeting with Sybil (Sasha on Freedom)lead to not only the formation of a new settlement on Freedom, but also the foundations of a great match between the two. However, in time the two split off due to their own reasons. After exploring the world some, he ended up encountering Mommat and her towns people. Mommat and he got along well, and he would end up visiting many times. Due to the distance of travel, he decided to relocate in a long term but temporary stay.

At current, Sirus is the commander of Dragonia. Dragonia is a military outpost set in Freedom for the use of training and preparing for a jump into the Wild Server.

Sirus has chosen Blacksmithing as his main profession, with focus towards Weapon Smithing. Other highlights of interest are Chain armour smithing, Large iron shield crafting, Catapult crafting/use, and Masonry. Fighting is an obvious skill needed as well, giving the intentions of the Wild Server jump.

From a period of October 12th, 2010 until an estimated six months after, Sirus will be inactive due to his commitment to the US ARNG.