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Skill is gained the first time you make armour chains with large anvil. Influences your success ratio at making and improving any chain armour related item.

Chain armour provides 62.5% base damage reduction at 100QL. The wearer will walk moderately slower.

Check armour for a comparison of the different armour types.


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Chain armour table

This is a table of the armour you can make using armour chains. On the right hand of the table is the weight of armour chains needed to make the item, as well as what level Chain armour smithing level is required to make them with a 1QL large anvil. (According to the links above)

Armour name Chains used Final weight Level learned
Chain coif 0.44 kg 0.40 kg Start
Chain jacket 2.42 kg 2.20 kg ~28.00
Chain sleeve 0.77 kg 0.70 kg x2 7.00
Chain gauntlet 0.33 kg 0.30 kg x2 Start
Chain pants 2.42 kg 2.20 kg 11.50
Chain boot 0.77 kg 0.70 kg x2 Start
Total Suit 9.02 kg 8.20 kg ~28.00


  • Some items, particularly the pants and jacket, are difficult to create. They will not show up in the create menu unless you have a good anvil and/or high skill.
  • For speed comparisons check armour.


  • Chainsmith at 50 skill
  • Renowned Chainsmith at 70 skill
  • Master Chainsmith at 90 skill
  • Chains of Time at 100 skill

Different types of chain armour