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Small catapult
A Small catapult
Total materials
  • Small catapult
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 18048g of paint.


A small four wheel catapult designed to be dragged by one person. It could be used to hurl items at walls and fences.


  • A catapult's primary use is the destruction of walls and gates. You can hit another person with it or animal with it, but it's very difficult.
  • If you get this error message: "You can't work with the small catapult. This area is too crowded," move surrounding objects at least 2 tiles away.
  • To use a catapult:
    • First load it with ammunition. Almost everything can be fired, but stone shards and ores do the most damage. Quality and damage of the ammunition will affect the amount of damage done to your target. To load a catapult, activate an item in your inventory, right-click the catapult, and select Machine -> Load.
    • After you load the catapult, it must be winched. With every winch the catapult shoots 1 tile further. The minimum distance a catapult can shoot is 3 tiles, which is 10 winches. The maximum distance a catapult can shoot is 50. To winch a catapult, right-click the catapult after it has been loaded, and select winch. This distance is calculated including both the tiles that the catapult and the target are standing on.
    • To aim the catapult, simply drag it so that it points to the target. This can be improved with further precision by changing the firing angle. By default, the firing angle will be 45 degrees and it can be changed to be between 5 and 85 degrees.
    • When the catapult has winched at least 10 winches, you can fire the catapult. Right-click the catapult, select 'Machine'>'Fire'. If it was properly aimed and winched, you will either get a message in event window that you just missed the target, or a list of everything it hits. If it only says that you've hit nothing, your aim is off.
  • A catapult's trajectory is affected by elevation. Firing uphill requires more winching to hit the target, whereas firing downhill requires less winching.
  • A catapult needs 21.0 body strength to use.
  • It can be dragged, but only by players, not by animals.
  • Action timer for winching is affected by skill.
  • Any item launched with the catapult will be either heavily damaged or destroyed. Any item that is not destroyed will be at the target tile.
  • Starting power is determined by the number of winches. Power is directly related to starting velocity (E.G: 20 winches is 20 m/s)
  • Anything within a small radius of the landing position will take damage and the size of the radius is determined by the size of the thrown projectile
  • Catapults projectile arc is checked for any walls, floors, bridges or fences it hits. Otherwise it travels a full arc until it hits the ground.
  • Weight, quality, and final velocity all add into how much damage it deals to objects it lands on (metal and stone do the most damage)
  • Catapults can fire over buildings and walls.
  • Catapults cannot hit guard towers or damage mine doors.
  • You can do a maximum of 20 damage to your target in one successful hit.
  • Catapults seem to be able to damage bridges (Thanks to Cenotaph for testing). Four stone shards did 8.0374664 damage on a bridge of QL = 48.90988.
  • Cannot be operated with furniture or other large objects within 1 tile of it.
  • Cannot be operated if the tile it stands on is below water level or inside a cave.
  • Can be loaded into larger ships like the knarr or cog.
  • Combine ammunition into 80kg shards in order to maximize damage.
  • A spyglass is an excellent tool for measuring distance when winching.


Item Notes
Stone shards Combined stone shards will do more damage
Stone brick Less damage than stone shards
Ore Frequently used during raids, as it cannot be used by the enemy to repair walls and it's near worthless after shot.
Corpse Deal moderate damage and can be useful when other ammo types are unavailable.

Skills & Characteristics

When using a small catapult

When creating a small catapult


  • Rock Hurler at 50 skill
  • Wall Breaker at 70 skill
  • Eradicator at 90 skill

Notes on use on Freedom servers

  • It is possible to use catapults on Freedom servers, with following limitations:
    • On deed: can destroy anything (including owned houses) if given destroy building permission. Applies to ally and non-citizens as well.
    • Off deed: (including perimeters) can destroy any fence, wall or hedge, but not buildings, even if the building belongs to the user.