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Player made kingdom is a feature introduced with the release of the Epic Server Cluster on Friday, October 28th, 2011. This feature was eventually added to the Chaos server. To create a player made kingdom, you need to purchase a Declaration of Independence.

Founding PMK

Founding a PMK requires the following things

  • Be a mayor of a settlement, and stand inside your settlement.
  • Have 25 players in your deed or perimeter that are neither moving nor fighting. They don't need to be of one kingdom.
  • None of the players are mayors.
  • Own a Declaration of Independence. These can be bought at the Silver store on servers allowing PMK (price 1 gold).

Once you have these, you can found a PMK with the declaration. The declaration is an item similar to a settlement deed, or a trader contract.

The template kingdom is currently either JK, MR or HotS. The PMK inherits all specifics and models of the template kingdom. You will be at war with all kingdoms, including your template kingdom. The game also supports custom PMK models. So you can submit your own flags, etc. to the art team.

On founding, all the players are converted to your new kingdom, your settlement is converted, and any tower in your settlement is converted to the new kingdom. You will become the king and your settlement automatically becomes the capital, and the spawn point of your kingdom.

All bonuses from kingdom offices on the Chaos server map are available from the kingdom's inception, except for the Fighter and Kingdom Leader titles which are locked behind that kingdom needing to hold at least 2% of the server's area. Base kingdoms are not restricted by this 2% control requirement, and other than that, PMK's function similar to base kingdoms.

New king

You can trade your crown to another player of your kingdom. If he puts it on his head, he'll become the new king. The other royal items are transferred automatically.

Disband PMK

When all the settlements of a PMK have disbanded, the PMK kingdom will automatically disband, and all of its members will be converted to the template kingdom.

List of PMKs

The template kingdom of each PMK (where known) is indicated in [square brackets.]



  • There are currently no PMK's on Epic


  • House of Libila [HotS]
  • Kingdom of Sol [MR]
  • Atlantean Archangels
  • League of Pirates
  • Teutonic Knights [JK]
  • Lómaner [JK] was founded on Epic Cluster on Wurm day, Week 2 of the white shark starfall in the year of 1018.
  • Nation of Asgard
  • The Mongol Empire
  • The Forgotten Empire
  • The Roman Republic [JK]
  • Valhalla Descendants [JK]



  • Pandemonium (1062-still active) [MR]
  • Libila's Dominion (1119-still active) [HotS]
  • The Spartan Empire (1105-still active) [MR]
  • Orca Syndicate (1121 - still active) [MR]
  • Order of the Dragon (1124 - still active) [MR]
  • Hot dog (1124 - still active) [?]
  • Keepers of truth (1124 - still active) [?]
  • Skoll (1124 - still active) [??]


  • Empire of Mol Rehan (1029-1062) [MR]
  • Jenn-Kellon (1029-1071) [JK]
  • Templars de Lux (1034-1034) (disbanded by Rolf) [MR]
  • Black Legion (1040-1054) [HotS]
  • Ebonaura (1040-1075) [HotS]
  • The Kingdom of Abral (1041-1043) [MR]
  • Macedon (1053-1056) [HotS]
  • Dreadnaught Dynasty (1061-1070) [HotS]
  • Gratsalot (1062-1065) [MR]
  • The Crusaders (1062-1087) [MR]
  • Wurm University (1062-1089) [JK]
  • Valhall Descendants (1068-1079) [MR]
  • Legion of Anubis (1070-1077) [HotS]
  • Apocalypse Order (1073-1087) [HotS]
  • Crow Kingdom (1083-1084)
  • Pirates (1090-1092) [MR]
  • Mol-Rehan (1093-1098) [MR]
  • Heroic Libila Legion (1102-1110) [HotS]
  • Kenn-Jellon (1090-1119) [JK]
  • Cheese (1103-1110) (MR template)
  • Knights of Valrei (1102-1111) (MR template)
  • Capybara Sultanate (1110-1124) [MR]