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Wurm sports different kingdoms and different religions. A player may, within limits, change between each kingdom and religion. Choosing a new kingdom/religion may be done in different ways.

Changing Kingdom

You can change Kingdom either by a player converting you, or by converting to Libila, which automatically changes you to the Horde of the Summoned Kingdom. You must toggle '/invitations' command for this option to be available to whoever is converting you.

Use '/converts' command to see when you can change kingdom. You can only change kingdom once every 14 days unless you are HoTS. HoTS must wait for 28 days before a change.

Changing Religion

There are two ways of converting to a faith.

Either way, you must satisfy the requirements of the faith.

Conversion by Follower

The follower or priest must activate the statuette of their God and right click on you, selecting convert under the religion tab. You must have toggled /invitations for this option to be available. You may only be converted once every 7 days, and must have a Body skill of 1.5 or above to get converted by another player.

  • When being converted by a Priest your starting faith will be equal to 1/5th of his preaching.

NOTE: It was previously stated you need 1 alignment to convert - This has been tested and proven false.

  • Vynora does not require +1 alignment. Fo does require a +1 alignment, otherwise in the event window it states Fo would never accept the player as a follower.
  • Tosiek require -1 alignment

Converting by Altar

On the Chaos or Elevation servers, you may convert to a religion by approaching one of the great altars and reading an inscription. To convert to a White Light God (Vynora, Fo or Magranon) you must go to the Altar of Three and right click on the altar, select Inscriptions, then select Read inscription 1, 2 or 3 respectively. For the Black Light God (Libila) you must go to the Bone Altar, right click on the altar and its inscription.