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Main / Spawning


If you die, you may choose to respawn at different locations. All players have a infinite amount of respawns, however, champions of a god have some different restrictions regarding respawning and keeping their champion status.

If the respawn window does not show after you die, type in /respawn into the chat window.

General Respawn Locations

  • You can respawn at your kingdom's starter town of your current server.
  • You can respawn at your village.
  • You can respawn at a settlement you are allied with, if you died within 50 tiles of its token.

Server Dependent Respawn Locations

Chaos Only: Non-premium players are not given an option to respawn at a specific location. They will respawn on a random tile on the server.

Epic cluster starting towns

  • Desertion : Glittershore
  • Affliction : Deadlake
  • Serenity : Strongbox
  • Elevation : Flamma (MR), Gloomshade (BL), High Hopes (JK)

Freedom Isles starting towns

  • Independence : The Howl
  • Deliverance : Green Dog
  • Exodus : Esert
  • Celebration : Tap Dance
  • Release : Sloping Sands
  • Pristine : Blossom
  • Xanadu : Glasshollow, Vrock Landing, Summerholt, Greymead, Whitefay, Linton, Lormere, Newspring, Esteron

Chaos spawn locations