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This topic covers some of the possibilities a new character can (and perhaps should) do on arrival in Wurm.

Many new players tend to immediately run straight into the wilderness, just to realize after a while that without food, weapons/armor this is not the best idea after all. Wurm is a huge landmass (and no map exists, except the one you build in your head), with many things out there that can cost you your life; and as a new character your skills are not very well suited to life in the wilderness on your own. It is possible, but definitively a lot harder than if you had the right equipment and/or friends.


For the first 24 hours of your life, you can get food in the tavern of your starting village for free, but you really should make sure to establish some food supply for the time after. One possibily is fishing, combined with some foraging and pottery. In combination with a campfire you will at least be able to make yourself a (low nutrition) stew or casserole. More info at: Guide To Cooking.


Another important point: you are not alone in Wurm, there are other players, some as new as yourself, some experienced, some friendly and helpful, some trickery and thievish but lots are worth to get into contact with. (Kingdom chat is a good place to make first contact).


Even if you want to be the "lone wolf", it's hard to do this without experience and/or equipment and your starting village is a good place to get both. You could, for example, learn how to create things on your own (for example: Pottery, Carpentry, Fishing, Skills), then sell your Items to for other kinds of equipment/weapons/armour, or get a job at one of the many building-sites which often hire people to cut trees or mine (see the complete skills-list) in exchange for loan and/or equipment, learn to use weapons (using a practice doll or light animals, like Large Rat and Wild Cat) and help fight the evil followers of Libila (and these are just some possibilities).


Search out other players who travel the World of Wurm and ask to join them as it increases your survival rate drastically if you move in groups, especially if one or more experienced players are with you.


But you don't have to... you can always be evil, rob, plunder and burn down everything which gets into your way, but this is another topic... (any Blacklighter care to add to this?).
Always remember, if you go to a wild server, there are quite a few people who really like to kill you on sight, so my personal advice would be: join existing villages/communities for protection. If you don't go to a wild server, expect that some outlaws could try to steal from you or even rob/kill you. On the Freedom or Golden Valley server (the place you start for example) attacking other non-outlaw players or stealing is not possible in most circumstances.

Note: If you are thinking of joining the HOTS(Horde of the Summoned) you should try and get to know some first through the forums or one of their alts; they can be pretty aggressive and their trust must be earned. Don't worry though, there are many who are fair even with the HOTS.

Final Note

Be friendly and ask politely, in most cases someone will help you to have a good start in many different ways.
And after all, you're free to do anything you would like to :)