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A Campfire
  • Campfire
Skill and improvement


A nice and cosy campfire.

A campfire can be used to heat items like food and ore.


The quality of the kindling is the maximum quality of the campfire. Examine the campfire to see its quality. The higher the quality, the faster it will heat up anything put in it. The quality of the campfire will also be the quality of the ash it leaves behind.

If you do not have a steel and flint, you can use a kindling on a wood scrap to create a crude campfire, with lower quality.

You can create only one campfire per tile, an additional campfire created on the same tile will just fuel the existing campfire.


To extend the life of a fire, you need to add fuel to it. Activate a fuel item, for example a log or wood scrap, right-click the campfire, and select Burn. Alternatively, the fuel can also be left inside the campfire till the fuel decays from fire damage.

The campfire caps out at 20 kg worth of fuel, so adding any more than that is a waste.

You can examine a campfire to get an event message telling how long it will burn. If it says that it The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time, then it means that you have more than 10 real life minutes worth of fuel in it. If it says anything else, you'd be wise to add more.

Once all fuel has been used up, the campfire will turn into 0.10 kg of ash and all items inside are dropped on the tile the campfire was on.


A lit campfire can be snuffed: Right-click the campfire with the steel and flint activated (or alternatively, nothing activated), and select Snuff. The result is an unlit campfire which does not disappear for a long time even if empty.

If you snuff a rare (or supreme) campfire, it will keep its special status (even after relighting later).


An unlit campfire can be lit again: Put a kindling in your inventory, activate your steel and flint, right-click the campfire, and select Light.

Creating a new campfire on a tile with an unlit campfire will light the existing one. The campfire will appear glowing but does not show any fire animation or smoke, in order to reduce the strain on your graphics card.


  • A campfire may hold up to 18 ore.
  • The quality of ore smelted in a campfire will be reduced by 20%. A 50QL ore will only yield a 40QL lump.
  • A campfire adds 5 difficulty to cooking items compared to an oven, but 5 less than a forge.
  • Creating a campfire will damage your steel and flint a bit, unlike when lighting up an oven or a forge.
  • The quality of the material you fuel the fire with does not impact on the heating speed or lifespan of the fire, only the weight matters. It is said that a birchwood campfire burns the longest, however.
  • Keep your fire in a "..will burn for a long time" state, because it will lose heating power when fuel begins to run low. At its final stages, it may very well be so weak that items inside will cool faster than they heat.
  • Campfires may not be started within a structure.
  • If you are after ash you need to create campfires on separate tiles and let them burn out.