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Pottery is the shaping and cooking of clay into container items.


Getting clay

Activate your shovel and right-click on a tile of clay, select dig and when finished "clay" will appear in your inventory (If it doesn't, you weren't standing on the clay tile). If you receive a message in your event window that says you are not strong enough to dig here, find a flat area of grass or dirt and practice digging to raise your skill or find a flatter clay corner.


Activate one of your hands and right-click on the clay, select one of the items from the create menu.


You cannot improve hardened clay items, so improve them before putting them into a fire to harden them. You cannot use clay items that are not hardened.

Improvement tools:


Drop the clay item into a fire, such as a kiln, campfire or stone oven. Once they reach glowing hot, they'll turn into finished pottery items. These items cannot be improved.

Resulting items

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  • Potter at 50 skill
  • Moulder at 70 skill
  • Terracotta terror at 90 skill