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Fishing is the skill of catching fish. The skill affects the types of fish you get and their weight.

Characteristic gained

Soul / Soul depth


You can only fish on tiles that are fully submerged under water. To fish from a boat, you will want to have it moored or have boarded it as a passenger since drifting out of the 3 tile range breaks the fishing action.

Types of fish

The higher the quality of the fish, the more weight the fish will have. Each species has a weight to quality ratio. A high quality roach will likely never outweigh any quality of catfish for example.

You can get better fish in deeper water. This water depth is the same depth that first triggers the "Out to Sea" achievement. Past that point special fishing tiles, usually found with Lurker in the deep pendulum, begin showing up quite frequently. Special fishing tiles do not move/disappear on their own. The tiles will change to a different special fish type at the beginning of a season change. Tiles can disappear if the terrain around them is modified. Heavier fish also cause your line to snap more frequently (possible based on line quality and/or skill level). Losing fish to line breaks reduces your catch rate, but generally fishing in deep water is better than shallow.

Some shore fish can also be caught out in ocean waters, usually at a higher quality than they would be found closer to shore. Typically the lighter fish are much easier to catch at high quality, with q50+ roach and perch being not uncommon even for a beginning fisher. High ql catfish on the other hand will be quite rare at the beginning.

Shore Fish

Ocean Fish

Special tile fish

Sailfish have a high chance to snap your fishing line compared to other fish of the same size.


Certain rarity bonuses have been discovered for both fish and fishing rods.


Rare rolls are at the "Something Bites" event message.
You have a moment of inspiration...
Something bites.

At this point you have a chance to actually catch the fish, have your line snap, or have the fish get away. At lower fishing skills you may lose these fish more often than at higher skill levels. These fish are slightly heavier than a fish of the same quality level. You can use them in meals, but they will not make the meal rare nor will butchering them give rare fillets. They may be sacrificed at an altar for a refresh like all other rares.

Fine fishing rod

  • Take slightly less damage.
  • Increase the average weight of fish caught.
  • Increase catching frequency.
  • Increase the chance at catching unique fish at special fishing spots.


  • Larger fish start giving less than 1 fillet per 0.3 kg, and cap at 50 fillets per fish. Max fillets tends to happen around the 15 kg mark, but may be related to butchering skill.
  • When catching white or blue sharks, they deal a small poison damage wound. If left to heal naturally, this has a very small chance to kill you on the healing tick.
  • Fishing in deeper water is almost always better.
  • The fishing skill is quite slow to level, a high CoC rod wouldn't be a bad idea.
  • Willow rods take less damage from catching heavy fish.
  • Fishing skill goes up as you fish, not when you catch the fish.
  • Fishing is close to impossible in small pools (less than 4x4) of water.
  • It is possible to make a fishing pond inside a cave, but you will only catch some types of fish.
  • Lurker in the deep cast on a pendulum will help you find good fishing spots for rare fish like white shark.
  • Small fish can often be caught at high quality and make excellent taming foods for tough meat eating creatures as a result.


  • Fisherman/Fisherwoman at 50 skill
  • Angler at 70 skill
  • Kingfisher at 90 skill
  • Hooked on Fishing at 100 skill