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Practice doll
A Practice doll
Total materials
  • Practice doll (7.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


An exquisite mansized practice doll made from shafts, a pair of planks and a pumpkin.

Practice doll is a wooden item used for raising your main fighting skill.


Drop the practice doll on ground after creating it. Right-click it and select Practice.

You must have some item in your right hand, either a low quality weapon or a shaft so that you will not damage the doll too much. The lower the quality of the item, the less damage you will cause, therefore the practice doll will last longer. Note that shafts are two-handed weapons, you must remove other weapons and shields in order to wield it.

You can raise your fighting skill to a maximum of 20 using a doll and up to 20 in any weapon subskill. To gain more skill points after that, you must fight in real combat.

Try to keep the quality of the doll as high as possible so that you will not damage it as much per hit. You will still get the same amount of skill, no matter how much damage you do or do not cause. Remember to repair the doll and your weapon often or they may break.

To stop fighting the doll, step away, or use your Stop keybind if you have defined one.


  • Unlike real combat, sleep bonus gives increased skill gain when using a practice doll.
  • Bows can not be used to train. "You cannot practice attacks with bows on practice doll. You need to use an archery target instead."
  • Does not carry a signature.
  • Fighting a practice doll will not give stance skills. IE: Aggressive, Normal and Defensive fighting.