Archery target

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Archery target
A Archery target
Total materials
  • Archery target (150.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A wooden practice target made from planks and logs with a few circles around the bulls eye.

An archery target is a board with numbered circles around a central bull's-eye, used for practicing archery and bow skills. It will score hits ranging from a measly 0 to a perfect 10.



  • With an archery target, you can only gain archery skill up to 45. Upon reaching 45 archery skill, you won't gain any characteristics either.
  • Individual bow skills have a maximum of 30, while shooting at an archery target. This is not limited to the main archery skill hitting the limit of 45.
  • Drops from inventory upon completion.
  • Can not be picked up.
  • Arrows fired at the archery target will be on the same tile and can be retrieved if they do not break.
  • Far less damage is imposed to the target if shot with arrow shafts instead of complete arrows.
  • Can be loaded into large cart or wagon if the prerequisite of 23 body strength is met.