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Rift jewelry is obtained from participation in rifts. All jewelry comes at 25, 50, 75, or 100QL with standard chances of rarity. Rift jewelry, when equipped, grants a passive bonus. The strength of this bonus is determined by the quality. When damaged, the bonus decreases. All rift jewelry is not repairable.

Rift Bonus

All rift jewelry gives a positive effect while equipped. This is followed by a negative effect for 5 minutes when unequipped or depleted. The bonus is based on the quality of the jewelry, reducing as the jewelry takes damage. The bonus can never provide less than what a 20QL jewelry would grant. The bonuses provided are listed below.

Rift Charge

Some rift jewelry is charged. This means they lose their power over time while worn. When obtained, the jewelry will have the listed amount of charge based on their rarity:

  • Common - 30 hours
  • Rare - 50 hours
  • Supreme - 80 hours
  • Fantastic - 120 hours

Some rift jewelry is exempt from this, and does not require charge to function. See the tables below to find out which items ignore this restriction.

Bonus Stacking

For some rift jewelry, equipping two of the same jewelry will stack the bonuses. For others, these bonuses will not stack and instead only use the highest power equipped. In the case that a rift equipment is required to be charged and stacked, two of the same type must be equipped and the highest power equipment will be used for the bonus. This mostly applies to bracelets, where you must have two equipped in order for the bonus to function.

Socketed Seryll Ring

A special type of Rift Jewelry, the socketed seryll ring is a unique piece that can have a gem inserted by a jewelry smith with enough proficiency. Socketed seryll rings have no bonus without a socketed gem. The power of the bonus is determined by the quality of the gem, with star gems giving a much higher bonus. Socketed seryll rings are charged, and will deplete over time while worn.

Socketing a gem requires Jewelry Smithing skill of 60 for star gems and 40 for all other gems.

  • Sapphire - Stamina
  • Emerald - Dodge
  • Ruby - Combat Rating
  • Opal - Spell Resistance
  • Diamond - Healing


Socketed Seryll Ring Artisan Ring Seal Ring Dark Ring Ring of the Eye
Bonus See above Skill Gain Swimming Stealth Detection
Charged Yes No No No Yes
Stackable No No Yes No No


Important Note: Since all bracelets are both charged and stackable, you must have two of the same type equipped for the bonus to apply.

Fist Bracelet Huge Sword Bracelet Short Sword Bracelet Spear Bracelet Bracelet of Inspiration
Bonus Crushing Parry Two-Handed Parry Pierce Damage Polearm Damage Enchant Damage
Charged Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stackable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Soul Stealer Necklace Artisan Necklace Necklace of Protection Necklace of Focus Necklace of Replenishment
Bonus Skill Effect Skill Max Hurting Focus Replenish
Charged No Yes No Yes Yes

Bonus Descriptions

  • Damage: Bonus to weapon damage of the specific damage type listed, or with the specific weapon type listed.
  • Detection: Increased chance to detect other players who are in stealth mode.
  • Enchant Damage: affects damage output from Flaming aura, Rotting touch, Frostbrand, Bloodthirst, and Venom.
  • Focus: Increased chance to successfully focus during combat.
  • Hurting: Lowers the duration of the Hurting status effect.
  • Parry: Bonus to parrying chance with a weapon of the specific type listed.
  • Replenishment: Lowers the rate at which the food and water bars are depleted over time.
  • Skill Effect: Increased Fighting skill gain.
    • Skill Effect jewelry takes damage whenever your Fighting skill increases.
  • Skill Gain: Bonus to amount of skill gained when an action gives a skill increase.
    • This only applies to the skill listed when the item is examined.
    • Skill Gain jewelry takes damage whenever the relevant skill increases.
  • Skill Max: Increased quality gain when improving an item with that item's material (for example, improving a statue with stone shards).
  • Stealth: Lowered chance to be detected while in stealth mode.
  • Swimming: Lowers damage from drowning.