Rod of transmutation

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Rod of transmutation
A Rod of transmutation

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Rod of transmutation (1.0kg)
Skill and improvement

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A two foot long granite rod that turns a normal cave tile into the ore of your choice. The tile will have max ql limit of 99 and 10 000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed in the process.


  • Rod of transmutation turns a normal cave rock tile into the vein of your choice. Using the wand will provide 99 QL ore and will allow for about 10,000 mining operations.
  • The rod is destroyed when used.
  • The rod can be bought from a trader for 40 silver coins or from the Marks Shop for 25000 marks. It weighs 1.00 kg, and is a no drop item.
  • It cannot create rock, adamantine, glimmersteel, seryll, or rock salt veins.
  • If used on an ore vein or a support beamed tile it gives this message: "This rod only works on normal cave walls."
  • Ore quality received is still based on mining level
  • Rods do create 99QL veins on the Epic home servers. Rolf has confirmed that this is "expected".