Seryll lump

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Seryll lump
A Seryll lump

This item cannot be crafted.

Skill and improvement

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This reddish metal is believed to exist naturally only on Seris, and be delivered here by envoys from the gods.

Seryll was given out as a gift to the community with the legacy loyalty bonus, and it has a small chance of dropping from Valrei creatures and appearing in Large treasure chests on Elevation. It can also be obtained from rifts The quality varies and is random.


  • Items made from seryll can be smelted into lump using a smelting pot.
  • Because of its value, seryll lump is best stored in a magic chest or kept in a character's inventory.
  • Any off deed crates and bulk storage bins that are subject to 5% loss of their content once a month (eg. those off-deed) should not be used to store seryll lump.
  • Like other moon metals, this metal has some very special properties.

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