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Sculpting wand
A Sculpting wand

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Sculpting wand (0.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
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A slender wooden twig that has been grown in a spiral around something.

It can be used to lower tile corners in some situations where it would be hard or impossible otherwise.


The Use option on the sculpting wand changes the power of the wand, a message is given that tells how much dirt or rock is removed per use:

You rub the wand and it makes a barely audible humming sound.: Removes 1 dirt per sculpting action.
You rub the wand and it makes a humming sound.: Removes 3 dirts per sculpting action.
You rub the wand and it makes a loud humming sound.: Removes 5 dirts per sculpting action.


Activate the sculpting wand and right-click a dirt or rock/cliff tile. Select the Sculpt option to remove dirt from the north-western corner of that tile. Each action will remove the amount of material set with Use and lower the quality of the wand by the same amount. The land is destroyed and not collected, you will not get any dirt or rock in your inventory, or on the ground.

  • The sculpting wand cannot be used on tiles with fences, houses, bridges, pavement, trees or crops on the tile or any surrounding tiles.
  • The maximum slope adjacent to the tile corner to be lowered is 60. For inside a cave it's 254 dirt-height between the ceiling and floor.
  • The sculpting wand has a minimum quality of 1Q therefore you can lower a tile up to one less than the current quality of the wand. A 60 ql wand, for example, allows you to remove 59 dirts.

Warning: Using the wand to sculpt with the 3 dirt or 5 dirt options may result in you receiving falling damage if you stand on the corner that is being lowered.


The sculpting wand can be recharged at any altar for 5 silver per 10 quality. Activate the sculpting wand and right-click the altar. The Recharge option opens a window asking if you would like to recharge the wand. The required 5 silver are taken from the your inventory. The sculpting wand can be recharged to a maximum quality of 99 ql.

Something rummages through your pockets. The sculpting wand humms softly.


A gift from Santa Claus to premium players in 2008.