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Paving is the skill needed to lay pavement over dirt to create roads, floors in your house, or simply for aesthetic pleasure.

Items required

Pavement Type Material Used Image Max Flat Speed
Cobblestone Stone brick Cobblestone.png 17.3 km/h
Gravel Stone shards Gravel3.png 13.34 km/h
Marble bricks (pavement) Marble brick Marble bricks.png 17.3 km/h
Marble slabs Marble slab Marble Slabs.png 17.3 km/h
Pottery bricks Pottery brick Pottery bricks.png 17.3 km/h
Rough cobblestone Colossus brick Rough cobblestone.png 17.3 km/h
Round cobblestone Rounded stone Round cobblestone.png 17.3 km/h
Sandstone bricks Sandstone brick Sandstone bricks.png 17.3 km/h
Sandstone slabs Sandstone slab Sandstone slabs.jpg 17.3 km/h
Slate bricks Slate brick Slate bricks.png 17.3 km/h
Slate slabs Slate slab Slate slabs.png 17.3 km/h
Stone slabs Slab Stone slabs.png 17.3 km/h
Wooden planks Floor boards Floor board.png 17.3 km/h
Wooden planks (+Tar) Floor boards Floor board tarred.png 17.3 km/h


Packing dirt is the first paving action required to add any type of pavement. Paving is then added to this packed dirt, except for floor boards, which may be laid on dirt or marsh. Activate the item you want to pave with, then right-click the tile and choose Pave.

Note: You can also right-click a paved tile and select Re-pave > Tile or Nearest corner

Higher paving skill and higher quality paving items give a faster completion timer.

Removing paving

  • Paved tiles may be cultivated back to dirt by equipping a shovel and choosing 'Destroy pavement'.
  • Body strength of 20 and a digging skill of 10 is required for destroying pavement.
    • If you still can not destroy the pavement an injury may be causing the message saying "You need to be stronger to destroy pavement."
  • Stone slabs can only be removed or terraformed by a player with 21 Body strength.
  • Destroying pavement gives digging skill and the length of time it takes to remove the pavement is also based on this digging.
  • Removing paving from tiles inside tunnels requires a crowbar.

Diagonal paving

  • Selecting "Pave nearest corner" will pave half of the tile diagonally depending on the paving type being laid and where the player is standing.
  • The entire tile will be considered paved for the purpose of things like walking speed, but the unpaved corners will take on the graphical appearance of the tiles next to them.

Subterranean paving

Paving underground(in mines) can be done by first reinforcing the mine floor. To reinforce, activate a support beam, right-click the floor tile, and choose Reinforce. After the tile is reinforced, apply 1 mortar to the reinforcement by activating the mortar, right-clicking the tile, and choosing Prepare. Once the tile is prepared, you're able to perform normal above-ground paving methods (all above options are available underground as well).

  • To remove paving on mine floors use a crowbar to remove the pavement and then a pickaxe to remove the reinforcement.
  • To remove prepared floor use a chisel to remove the mortar.

It should be noted that paving diagonally is not possible underground.

Bridge paving

  • Paving the surface of a completed bridge can be done similarly to subterranean paving.
    • After the bridge is completed, you must apply mortar to the bridge's surface.
    • After the roadway is prepared, you can then apply the paving type of your choosing.

House floors

Paving is also used to build house floor plans. The minimum skill requirements are:

Skill Floor
0 Wooden plank floor (0 paving required, but 5 carpentry skill required)
21 Stone brick floor, Stone slab floor, Sandstone slab floor
25 Pottery brick floor
30 Slate slab floor
40 Marble slab floor

In addition, a certain level of paving is required to build these kinds of floors at a given level/altitude. The paving skill required in these cases is the same as listed on the table for Multi-story housing.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Roadbuilder at 50 skill
  • Road Engineer at 70 skill
  • Road Warrior at 90 skill
  • World Connector at 100 skill

Additional Notes

  • It is possible to pave underwater.
  • Paving can be done while moving, so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.

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