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Shield bashing is the skill of the advanced use of shields, offensively and defensively, in combat. A successful shield bash can stun the opponent and knock them to the ground.


  • While having a shield equipped in the shield slot on the left arm, select shield bash from the combat stance bar (or bind SHIELD_BASH to some key). Successful bashing in combat results in an event message about the enemy combatant "sprawling on the ground".
  • The quality of the shield used makes no difference to the chance of knocking down the intended target.
  • Shield bashing skill does not change the duration between bashes.
  • The use of differing fighting stances, approaches, and skills have no effect on shield bashing.
  • While shield bashing, players may gain both shield and shield bashing skill.
  • The duration of a successful "stun" varies and is not known to have any maximum limit.
  • Depending on shield bashing skill and the defenses of the opponent, some damage may also be dealt in a successful bash. Factors in this possible damage include the player's and their opponent's body control as well as what armour, if any, the person being shield-bashed is wearing.
  • Shield bashing does cause extra damage to the shield in the form of extra damage "ticks" beyond those assessed in normal shield use.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Basher at 50 skill
  • Stunner at 70 skill
  • Juggernaut at 90 skill