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Body control is a characteristic that helps with weapon accuracy and stealthing, and determines the mounts a player can ride.


Smithing, carpentry, and tailoring skills all offer decent Body Control skill, as do archery, shield skills, and some weapon skills.

Chopping trees with a longsword and two handed sword also offers good Body Control gains. Note; this only works until 20 skill, or 20 effective skill on Epic.

Archery on an archery target is excellent until about skill level 30.

Body control levels

Body control required Action/Mount
<20 Cow
20.5 Steal
21 Horse
23 Bull
23 Brown Bear
26 Unicorn
28 Crocodile
29 Scorpion (dominated or zombie)
31 Hell horse

The body control required to ride a cow has been decreased again to non-prem levels (tested Jan. 20, 2013 on a non-prem character with 19.508253 body control). So currently cows are the only animals non-prem characters can ride.

List of skills that raise Body control

For a list of more characteristic-based skill gain, look here.


You now feel confident enough to steal things. 
When body control rises to 20.5