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A Spyglass

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Spyglass (2.00 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A brass tube the length of your underarm. It has a small hole in one end covered by glass, and a similar but larger one on the other end.

A spyglass allows you to zoom in your view, increase your hover highlight distance, and providing you with a range measurement. It's useful for scouting the land, finding players or hunting targets, and measuring exact tile distances for archery. The maximum view range is 2000 metres (500 tiles).


Activate the spyglass and right-click on a tile or item like the spyglass itself, and select Spy. A 30 second timer will begin while you scout the land, hitting Esc (Stop command) or moving while on foot will cancel the action.


The spyglass is a special item which was originally given out at Christmas 2006 to premium players at Newtown, and both the white and black light altars on the Chaos server. They were lost due to the Wurmageddon in April 2007, but were given back after the reset as trinkets regardless of whether you had one or not.


  • Can not be dropped.
  • Spyglasses are made out of brass, but they cannot be created or improved by players.
  • The action timer will not be cancelled when embarked on a vehicle or animal, you have to use

Esc (Stop command).

  • Spyglasses can still be obtained in the game and are rewarded to players who have paid for 12 months of premium time in addition to having played the game for 12 months. So purchasing 1 year of premium beforehand, will not give you the spyglass until you've actually played the full year also. It will appear in your inventory and is a no-drop item.
  • Rarity of a spyglass does not affect the range or timer.
  • QL94 spyglass range is 1999 meters.