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There are two different kinds of stuck commonly referenced in the game.

Stuck (trapped) in a Gated Mine

This happens when you have, for example, fallen off a cliff and landed inside someone's gated mine. There are a few ways to get free:

  1. Wait for the owner of the mine to come and let you out.
  2. Ask a GM to teleport you out of the mine.
  3. Mine a new exit from the mine.
  4. You can commit suicide by typing /suicide into your chat window, after which you will have the usual respawn options. Note that it is only possible to carry your starter tools, writs, deeds and Bag of keeping (plus any items inside it) through death.
  5. If you have more than 21 body strength, it is possible to destroy the gate (or gatehouse) to get free.

Horse and Cart/Wagon Stuck

In this situation, the cart may be stuck in a fence or building wall.

  • Unhitch the animals - secure by leading with a rope so they don't wander off.
  • You should now be able to push/pull the cart/wagon out of the structure it is stuck in.
  • Rehitch the animals and embark the vehicle.

Note - if you get a message saying you can't reach the cart/wagon move to the other side of the structure and try there. Your view of where something is and the game's interpretation are not always the same.

/stuck command

This is used if you ever get stuck inside an object like a wall or a tree, you can simply type /stuck into the chat window. If this does not work, try climbing out or try logging out longer then the time shown with the command /lotime. If all that fails type /suicide, or call a GM.