Bag of keeping

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Bag of keeping
A Bag of keeping

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Bag of keeping (0.25 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A small non-descript leather bag with a strap.

A bag of keeping is a small container that can contain a few objects of small volume. Items stored within the bag will remain with the player when they respawn from death, instead of being dropped into the corpse.


The bag was a gift from Santa Claus on Christmas 2005. It was also given to beta players who had a premium account in the first week of Gold 1, along with the title of Ageless.


  • Bags of keeping take 0.3 damage each time the holder dies, unless the owner has 21+ body strength, or 35+ faith.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • It can hold small objects such as:
bow strings, carving knifes, clay shapers, coins
crude knives, farmer's salves, files, fishing line
gems, iron awls, keys, leather knives
needles, ropes, salt, scissors, seeds, small nails
stone chisels, string of cloth, spatulas, teeth
and various botanized and foraged items

Master bag of keeping

  • A larger version of the bag of keeping that can store slightly larger items, with 3x the volume of a bag of keeping.
  • Can not be dropped.
  • These were given out to people who subscribed to a 1-year subscription in the first week after Gold 1.

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