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Main / Skills / Fighting / Target

Fighting in Wurm uses a target-to-attack system.

To enter combat, right-click the entity, and select Attacks > Target. Then, move within fighting range. There are 3 distances:

To stop targeting, right-click any object and select No target.

Multiple targets

The target is generally the sole focus of the player's offensive capabilities, whereas the player will attempt to defend all incoming attacks whether the aggressor is targeted or not. Normally, if a player has no target selected, any aggression from creatures is met with automatic targeting and retaliation. However, if a player targets one creature afar and is attacked by another, this is not the case - the target will not change. This introduces the possibility that the player will accidentally just stand there doing no attacks. The player will also not be able to change his aim or shield bash in this circumstance.

Be aware of what is targeted

  • Note: You show off some moves means you have no target or the target is out of melee range.

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