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Settlement token.png

Settlement token

There is a sundial and a compass on top of the token.

The settlement token is the center of a settlement. There you can read the latest news and information, check the directions from the sundial compass on top, as well as modify your town's rules and settings and manage its citizens and guards etc.

You can also allocate your bank account at the token to store both money and items (max 5). If you have money in your bank account, you can withdraw it at any settlement token. You can also purchase game time under Manage player payments: 30 days of playing time for 10 silver. If you try to manage your bank (open the item storage) at another token, it asks whether you want to transfer the items there, but the move takes some time to take effect.




This tells you the size of the deed, how many guards it has, the amount of upkeep and how long the upkeep will last.

Additionally, here you can add funds to the village upkeep.

Village History

This tells you who has joined and left the village, who contributed to upkeep and how much they added.

Area History

This shows a history of deed founding and disbanding, possibly across the entire server.


This allows you to sell low quality items for iron coins. See Sell for more information.



Opens a blank window that lets you drop ingame money into it to be added to your ingame bank account. You generally need to use the website shop to buy premium time, though you can also buy referrals from players or use a token to buy a month for 10 ingame silver.

Withdraw Money

Lets you withdraw ingame coins from your ingame bank account.

Manage Player Payments

Here you can buy premium time as long as you have at least 10 silver in your ingame bank account.


This option allows you to access any reimbursements that you are entitled for not letting your premium run out, also known as legacy loyalty bonuses.

As far as I know, these may be items or silver.

This option seems to disappear if you click it and there are no reimbursements pending for you.


This allows you to sell low quality items for iron coins. See Sell for more information.