Rod of transmutation

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Rod of transmutation
A Rod of transmutation

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Rod of transmutation (1.0kg)
Skill and improvement

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A two foot long granite rod that turns a normal cave tile into the ore of your choice. The tile will have max ql limit of 99 and 10 000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed in the process.

Rod of transmutation turns a normal cave tile into the vein of your choice. Using the wand will provide ore up to 99 QL and will allow for about 10,000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed when used.


Note: Rods do create 99QL veins on the Epic home servers. Rolf has confirmed that this is "expected".


Rod used on "Normal quality" rock.

 Prospect : You would mine tin ore here. It is of normal quality.
 Using a  Tuning fork : You ding the tuning fork of metal detection on the wall. 
 From the sounds you realize that the ore here has a max qualitylevel of 99.
 You will be able to mine here 9990 times more.