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A Tundra
  • Max flat speed: N/A
  • Can be created by players?: No
  • Underground: No
  • N/A

Main / Terrain / Tundra


Tiles where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. It is mostly found on north and south end of the world.


  • A tundra is often a good hunting spot because animals tend to walk to open places, however tundra does not spawn animals.
  • Foraging on tundra is possible at 33 skill.
  • To remove it, you must pack or flatten it. Digging will not work. Tundra should be treated with care, as it very hard to create. Ice pillar cast on grass is capable of turning the tile to tundra, but as this is a slow and difficult process it is advisable to avoid destroying tundra tiles unless there is a compelling reason for their removal. Tundra can spread onto adjacent dirt tiles at a slow rate.
  • Tundra tiles can also be created with a large quantity of transmutation liquid on moss tiles.
  • Lingonberry bushes spawn naturally on this terrain.