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Transmutation liquid
A Transmutation liquid
  • Activate Juice
  • Right click Small pottery amphora filled with solid
  • Open menu > Alchemy > Mix
  • Bless the liquid to make active
  • Transmutation liquid
Skill and improvement


A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It has a benevolent aura. Can help convert a <tile type> tile to a <tile type> tile.

For the 2009 Christmas gift, please see Transmutation liquid (Gift)


Activate the blessed liquid, right-click on the tile and select Use.

When enough liquids are used on a tile it will transform into a resource tile corresponding with the liquid used. This does take a lot of liquid (the amount is also dependent on quality), so expect to be at it for a bit, you can examine the tile for a rough idea (quarter of the way, halfway, almost there).


Juice Solid Used on Makes
0.05 kg Apple 0.5 kg Tin Sand tile Clay tile
0.05 kg Lemon 0.5 kg Charcoal Grass tile/Mycelium tile Peat tile
0.05 kg Cherry 1.0 kg Iron Steppe tile Tar tile
0.05 kg Lemon 1.0 kg Zinc Clay tile Dirt tile
0.05 kg Cherry 0.3 kg Moss Peat tile Dirt tile
0.05 kg Apple 1.0 kg Lead Tar tile Dirt tile
0.05 kg Orange 1.0 kg Copper Moss tile Tundra tile


  • When examining the tile:
    • Someone has started transforming this tile.
    • The tile is over a quarter transformed.
    • The tile is over half way transformed.
    • The tile is over three quarters transformed.
    • The tile has almost been completely transformed.
    • The tile is so close to being completely transformed.
    • Yeah! You changed the Sand tile to Clay!
    • The tile has been transformed before.


  • Deity spell casting permission is needed for use on deed.
  • If a mayor or deed citizen with proper permissions is applying the fluid on-deed, the formula to calculate the required amount to change one tile is 6700 / Liquid QL = Total weight needed. If the tile needing conversion is off-deed, the "6700" in this formula should then be replaced with "10000" in order to calculate the proper amount needed. Wiki-thanks to Goldfever for formulae.
  • Transmutation of a clay tile to dirt takes 6,700 liters /(divided by liquid's) ql.
  • Creation of a tundra tile takes 1,340 liters per ql. (One 5th of the usual amount.)
  • Off-deed tiles require roughly 50% more than the amount of liquid used on an on-deed tile.
  • Tiles on Chaos require more liquid than on PVE servers.
  • Tiles on Chaos deeds require the same amount as tiles do off-deed on PVE servers.
  • Calculator for amount needed : Google spreadsheet
  • It is also worth noting that if using multiple batches of transmutation fluid, all fractions are lost, which may result in the tile only going to 99% changeover. Further use of fluid on the tile would then be needed in order for it to be 100% converted to the tile type of choice. Terraforming of the tile before it is fully converted will reset the conversion back to 0%.
  • Moving active transformation fluid to a new container causes it to revert to passive transformation fluid. Measure appropriate quantities before you bless them to avoid wasting fluid.
  • Using larger amounts of solids together with more liquid results in larger amounts of inactive transmutation liquid.
  • Solids do not need to be combined in order to create larger amounts.
  • Only the same types of transmutation liquid can be combined.
  • Transmutation liquid on Epic has a higher difficulty, and requires more material to create.
  • It can be used on Chaos. This comes with a restriction that you need 5 tiles around it in every direction not be clay/tar/peat/tundra.
  • The format for the examine text is different depending on the liquid. The first and second sentence are the same for all of them. The third sentence determines if it is blessed or not. For example passive (non-blessed) liquids give the examine text A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. Once blessed can help convert a sand tile to a clay tile. compared to the active (blessed) liquid giving the examine text A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils. It bears an aura of xxx. Can help convert a sand tile to a clay tile. , with xxx being the deity that cast bless on it.