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Carpentry is a frequently used skill that can alter your Wurm lifestyle and comfort in a variety of ways, in this guide you will be shown ways to help increase the entire carpentry and subskill sets with as little wasted material as possible.


First things on the list to do will be obtaining the tools needed for carpentry. We will need mallet, file, pelt, carving knife, and a supply of logs. Your newbie starter kit includes a pelt, carving knife, and hatchet to cut down trees.

If you are unsure how to make any item you can press the default key N to bring up the crafting recipe window and search the item name to see the needed materials to make what you want


For the mallet, make two. A mallet requires another mallet or hammer to improve and you can't use the same one as you are trying to improve. Improve the mallets as high as your log supply will allow. If you are a part of a deed with older/more skilled players, this can be up to 27ql. If you are alone off deed or on your own deed without assistance from others, this may be anywhere from 5-20ql since your log ql will be the limiting factor.


Next will be the file and I encourage you to make a sickle as well for a renewable tree source. To accomplish this, you will need iron from either an iron vein or from rummaging iron rocks from a rock tile. We can melt the ores into lumps on a campfire to make a small anvil to make the tools. The sickle allows us to harvest sprouts from trees before chopping them down so we can replant trees to harvest later.


After the small anvil, make at least 4 small nails and 4 large nails. More of these are always better, but this will get you through the following projects.


After making the tools needed it is time to get a supply of logs. For this we will need to find a good forest of pine, birch, oak, or other non-fruit trees. Do be aware that maple is useful to harvest maple sap, birch is valued for the bark to make floats for fishing, and willow is a valuable resource for bows and fishing rods. For this reason, I favor using pine or cedar trees for my logging needs.

First Carpentry Projects

First things to make will be a bucket, small barrel, and small cart. These are useful in moving larger volumes of material later and a small cart is your primary transport until you have the skill to command a large cart with horses. Again, for detailed material list press N and search for the recipes. Once you make the barrel, bucket, and small cart, improve them until we reach at least 10 skill in fine carpentry. This will also contribute some gains to the parent skill of carpentry.


Next, we will begin preparing for our housing. We will want to make 100 planks and plan a 1x2 house and make the large nails needed for 6 walls to complete it either by rummaging or from an iron vein. This task of making a house should yield a moderate amount of carpentry skill, but I strongly encourage you to improve all of your walls as high as possible. The higher the ql of the walls, the slower the decay on it will be if you are off deed. If you are on deed, then this is purely an easy skill gain since your house will not suffer decay damage.


Now that we have a safe place to work and a cart for transporting material, let's get more grind focused. We should make 4 seats and 2 oars and begin improving them as far as possible. These will be used to make our first rowing boat. While they don't hold much cargo, they are valuable to be able to travel lakes and oceans alike. They are easy to command and are the beginning point to getting into the faster and larger capacity ships. You may need to trade with another player for the ropes required to finish the row boat.


Next let's plan a perimeter around our house to build a fence so we can start a safe area to farm some crops. To do this, we want to build a wooden fence. Now our carpentry skill will allow us to build on a moderate sloped tile. Once you determine how many borders you want to build a fence on it is time to start making materials and building the fence out. Again, when you finish, it is encouraged to improve them all as high as possible either to decrease the decay rate if you are off deed or for the skill gains if you are on a deed.

Large cart

By now, our characteristics skill gain should be getting close to being able to command a large cart. Let's start making the materials to build a large cart. Remember to improve any parts that you can to the highest ql you are able, to increase the success chance of attaching them. At the same time, it is a good idea to make the remaining components for the rowing boat and improve the seat and oars again since our skill has improved since the last time we worked on them.

Once all the materials are gathered for these 2 items it's time to start assembling them. This process may take considerable time depending on your luck and your actual skill gained. Once you do finish them both, as always, improve them to the highest ql you are able to. There is considerable ship building and fine carpentry skill to be gained from this improving section. Both of these will contribute to your parent skill of carpentry as well.

Carpentry Next Steps

After finishing, your carpentry skill should be above 20. You can now plan a 2x2 house, expanding your crafting area, and you also can plan a second floor to your house giving you plenty of room for crafting, storage, and other fun activities of your choice.


Now that we have successfully set up a house and safe farm, it's time to start getting into the amenities of Wurm. Making a bed is a great step forward because sleeping in one when you log off will reward you with sleep bonus, which when used during “grinding” will approximately double your skill gains while it lasts. This can make a considerable difference in your skill level and time spent building skills up to your goals. These are simple and available on the crafting recipe list. It will require you to do some hunting to gather the fur needed but other than that your farm and tree supply will provide the rest easily.

While the bed may take some time to make due to the dangers of aggressive creatures attacking while searching for fur bearing animals, we can use the down time that you spend waiting for health to recover to craft some storage items. By this point, typically you will start to have a surplus of logs, animal parts, and farm produce you need to keep somewhere. The best options at this point will be food storage bins for the majority of your farming produce, and bulk storage bins will hold anything else from the farm, hunting, or gathering that will not be allowed into the food storage bin. These can take a respectable amount of time to create if attempted at too low of a skill level but by this point in this guide you should be able to make them with a relatively decent success rate. Having the patience to build these can dramatically increase your happiness and efficiency in the world of Wurm for years to come.