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Helpful player

This is a helpful player on the Freedom server. While in-game try to message this person if you need help. The command for this is /tell Yggdrasil


This player is more than happy to roleplay.




A veteran player, and well experienced. Always willing to help, even if he can't. Mischievous and merry, this player can oft be found having a laugh in global chat.

Extremely welcoming to newcomers, known to go the extra mile to help new users.

Known Titles

Necromancer, Beast, Ambassador of Lomaner, Carpenter, Educated, Marker, Pointer, Mason, Tapper, Trollslayer


Reaching the final step on the path of insanity Collecting all the sorcery items Leading HoTS to glory over JK

Wurm Online

Began wurm as a villager of New Dawn Village on Golden Valley. After building the villages beginnings he disappeared from the world. Months later he returned to its ruins, meeting two wurmians who'd become very important in his future. Rillian and Jenica. The three of them formed a triumvirate of power, as they expanded upon the remains of New Dawn Village. In a few months it had grown to a large hub, to the extent of being trusted with bears by the GM's.

Elarian First Age

Yggdrasil yet again went missing and reappeared on the now desecrated and ravaged Golden Valley. Due in part to a mass exodus to the island of Independence. Deciding to exile himself for the destruction of the village he arrived in Independence, and to his surprise found Rillian within the village of Elarial. The age concluded with the resignation of Quarry over his inactivity and a poor choice he made resulting in most of the villagers leaving.

Elarian Second Age

During this period, Elarial witnessed it's greatest expansion. Yggdrasil has rose to co-mayor and spent his time establishing trade routes and exclusive contracts. While Rillian handled administration, expanding the physical property and maintaining it. Elarial now expanded now across multiple deeds, not counting it's numerious allies and trade relations.

End of the Second Age

The end of second age came as Elarials villagers disappeared. Rillian and Yggdrasil were alone in Elarial for some time. The deeds were falling into disrepair. Several village construction plans were started far earlier than planned with failed results. The biggest was a rush to complete a colossal market consisting of 144 merchants with port access, in attempt to wrestle power from Freedom Market.

Nearing the end, Yggdrasil commissioned and built a boat bridge (then largest ever made) crossing the inner sea from Elarial Harbor, hoping in vein to draw in visitors. While the plan failed, it has created a permanent memorial to the late Elarial.

Third Age

During the recent Elarian age, Yggdrasil sought to reestablish Elarian glory. Founding the Elarial Consortium, he drove to create a kingdom on Independance. A group of alliances grouping together to increase prosperity and safety among their numbers.

These plans were abandoned and Elarial fell into ruin and disbanded

Fourth Age Year 1104

Upon leaving Independance, he made a short trip to Deliverance where he constructed a small rowboat and made his plans for the revival of Elarial. His arrival on Release was met with friendly faces, and has begun recontruction under the false name of Minas Morgul.

Wurm Online Stats

While not possessing any noteworthy skills, considers himself a mason and truly loves the art. He's an unofficial follower of Libila Beast on the Path of Insanity

Wurm Unlimited

Former Emperor of the Horde of the Summoned, and Sicko of the Path of Insanity on the former Primordial server.

Currently residing on the Zenath PVE server


  • Yggdrasil is fairly sane for a cucumber.
    • Except he lacks the fortune of being one.
  • Pictures of him can be located in the dictionary under dumaz, due to a mispelling
  • If you hold him to your ear, you can hear him scream.
  • As of Alpha 1.0.0, is nolonger stuffed with fluff.
  • Served ━━━━ at ━━━━━━ during a classified ━━━━━━━ on ━━━━ that left ━━━ ━━━━.
  • Has been struck by Poseidon's lightning and lived.
  • Has an unhealthy love for cavebugs.
  • Has been kissed by Enki.
  • Is generally amused with the bros antics.