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The Path of Insanity is one of the paths you can join by meditating. Some followers have admitted to seeing strange hallucinations, or have been seen to interact with nothing there. Followers may get the event message "You feel strange and out of time." off and on, regardless of meditation level and rank. It is unknown whether this is triggered by something or completely random.

Path of Insanity tiles

Insanity path tiles are found inside mines, on any tile more than 2 tiles away from any ore veins or cave exits. Note that reinforcements and rock salt do not count as "ore" and will not block Insanity tiles from appearing.

After completing a meditation on a path of insanity tile the usual message of "This is indeed a special place" will not appear. Due to this you may need to try moving to different tiles and repeatedly meditating until you get a path question in order to advance. Certain Path of Insanity-specific "trance" messages may also appear when beginning to meditate, making it clearer that the tile is special.


Clean Wound

Gained at level 4

You get the option on wounds. This will clean the wound of any Rotting touch "You gleefully clean the wound."

If the wound is not dirty or infected it will not clean the wound.


Gained at level 7

You get the option on your body. This will fill your food bar to 99% and move your nutrition 98%. You can Fill once per day.

It seems that 'fill' works in a similar way to fasting. The message displayed is

  • You relax and forget about your hunger.

Shield of the Gone

Gained at level 7

Gives a constant damage reduction that scales up per level.

   6%  Damage Reduction at level 7
   12% Damage Reduction at level 8
   18% Damage Reduction at level 9
   24% Damage Reduction at level 10
   30% Damage Reduction at level 11


Gained at level 9

You get the option on your body. This will teleport you to a totally random tile on the server (including water tiles, cliffs, fenced areas, and lava). Can be used once every hour.

  • You close your eyes and let your spirit fly.

Recall Home

Gained at level 12

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will instantly teleport you back to the token at your deed.

  • Can be used once every 12 hours.
    This cooldown is lowered by 1 hour for every level past 12.

  • It only works if you have been part of the village for more than 24 hours.
  • Only transports the player character, any mount, cart or boat is left behind.

You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home.

Final Breath

Gained at level 13

Your willpower now gives you the ability to deal a powerful short range blow to the enemies.

Final Breath deals medium infection wounds on the opponent.

You sharpen your thoughts into a shining arrow of energy with which you assault Young troll.
You thought pulse Young troll very hard in the crotch and harm it.
Your thought pulse affects Young troll.
You see a wound with ominously red edges and some yellow pus at the crotch.

Final Breath has a 2 hour cooldown.

Questions & Answers

The answers for the path questions can be found here.

Path of Insanity Quirks

A large part of following The Path of Insanity is the player's character going crazy. This adds some fun roleplaying quirks that have no true effect on gameplay. Insane characters will occasionally see oddly named monsters that aren't really there. Also, randomly they may occasionally see the following message in their event window: You feel strange and out of time. This seemingly out of place message is actually the insane character performing involuntary, often disturbing emotes that other players see in their event window.


Sometimes, insane characters see mobs that are invisible to everybody but themselves. These can be noted from a distance as they always have unusual names. They can't be interacted with, tamed, or killed.

They can be named any of the following names:

  • Omen
  • Pain
  • Pus
  • Ratatosk
  • Rotten Blood
  • Scorn
  • Sickness
  • Silent Death
  • Terror
  • Watcher

They can be any of the following creatures:

  • Bear
  • Black Dragon
  • Crocodile
  • Goblin
  • Lava Fiend
  • Tower Guard
  • Troll
  • White Dragon Hatchling
A troll named Watcher up close.

You feel strange and out of time

Nearby players may see the following emotes in their event window when an insane character receives the 'Out of Time' message:

  • (Player) suddenly whimpers.
  • (Player) suddenly coughs and looks nervously around.
  • (Player) spits and froths disgustingly.
  • (Player) stares at you with black eyes.
  • (Player) drools a bit.
  • (Player) shows (his/her) teeth and snarls at you.
  • (Player) gives you a scared look.
  • (Player) scratches (his/her) skin wildly for a few seconds.
  • (Player) curses loudly.
  • (Player) makes some erratic twitching moves.
  • (Player) stares at his palm.


Level Skill Path of Insanity Titles
0 15 Uninitiated
1 15 Initiate
2 15 Disturbed
3 15 Crazed
4 15 Deranged
5 15 Sicko
6 20 Mental
7 30 Psycho
8 40 Beast
9 50 Maniac
10 60 Drooling
11 70 Gone
12 80 12th Eidolon
13 90 13th Eidolon
14 90 14th Eidolon
15 90 15th Eidolon
16 90 16th Eidolon