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Lots of tasty vegetables can be found when foraging or botanizing tiles or through farming:

Types of vegetables in Wurm

Name Weight Seeds
Cabbage 1.00 Cabbage seeds
Carrot 0.50 Carrot seeds
Corn 0.10 *N/A
Cucumber 0.50 Cucumber seeds
Garlic 0.05 *N/A
Lettuce 0.50 Lettuce seeds
Onion 0.25 *N/A
Pea pod 0.50 Peas
Potato 0.50 *N/A
Pumpkin 1.00 Pumpkin seeds
Sugar beet 1.00 *N/A
Tomato 0.50 *N/A
  • N/A: Vegetables without seeds can be planted directly.


  • Crops in Wurm don't have the same classification as in real life. Garlic is herb in Wurm, yet a vegetable in real life.
  • Sugar beet, while classified a vegetable cannot be used in recipes as such.
  • Vegetables are used in many cooking, baking, and beverages recipes.
  • Vegetables can be chopped or mashed and cooked in a number of ways.
  • Some vegetables are used in healing covers.

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