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Weaponless fighting is the fighting ability to hit an opponent using fists and feet only, without a weapon.


  • To fight weaponlessly with the hands, the player must not be holding (have equipped) a weapon.
  • To fight weaponlessly with the feet (kicking), the player's waist and legs must be free and movable, thus the player must not be wearing pants.
  • Skill is gained only through successful hits in which damage is also dealt. A hit that deals no damage offers no subsequent skill gain.
  • It is not believed that wearing shoes or gloves has an effect on hit damage or the chance to hit. ~Further confirmation pending here~
  • The damage inflicted through weaponless fighting hits is greatly (but not totally) dependent on the player's strength.
  • Weaponless fighting skill can only be gained for a maximum of 10 minutes per target. Upon reaching 10 minutes of weaponless fighting on a particular target, weaponless fighting skill will no longer be gained (cooldown period unknown). Another target may then be engaged for continued gains up to 10 minutes again with no limits on how many new targets may be engaged for further skillgain.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Lightweight at 50 skill
  • Middleweight at 70 skill
  • Heavyweight at 90 skill