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Weaponless fighting is the fighting ability to hit an opponent using fists and feet only, without a weapon.


  • To fight weaponlessly with the hands, the player must not be holding (have equipped) a weapon.
  • To fight weaponlessly with the feet (kicking), the player's waist and legs must be free and movable, thus the player must not be wearing pants.
  • Skill is gained only through successful hits in which damage is also dealt. A hit that deals no damage offers no subsequent skill gain.
  • It is not believed that wearing shoes or gloves has an effect on hit damage or the chance to hit. ~Further confirmation pending here~
  • The damage inflicted through weaponless fighting hits is greatly (but not totally) dependent on the player's strength.

Characteristics trained

See: Characteristics


  • Lightweight at 50 skill
  • Middleweight at 70 skill
  • Heavyweight at 90 skill