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Wide staircase
A Wide staircase
Total materials
  • Wide staircase
Skill and improvement
  • Uses plank to repair or improve.


It is a normal wide staircase made of standalone.


Used to move between floors in a building.


Skill Requirements

Follows the same requirements for multi-story housing:

  • 21 Carpentry required to plan, start, and build a staircase on the first floor.
  • See multi-story housing for specific skill requirements for higher floors.


You must right-click on a finished Floor with a hammer, mallet, or trowel and select Plan > Build Wide staircase.

  • Be careful when creating one against a wall, as planning a wall on the floor above will be more difficult.
  • Wide staircases take up the entire tile; so you will not be able to walk around it on the upper or lower floor on that same tile.
  • Can be rotated upon completion.

Materials to start


One of each remaining material is required for each continue action.

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