Large metal shield

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Large metal shield
A Large metal shield
  1. Activate glowing lump (4.50 kg)
  2. Right-click large anvil
  3. Open submenu "Create > Shields"
  • Large metal shield (4.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A large heavy shield hammered from a metal sheet.

A large iron shield is the largest shield made of metal, they can be made of iron, steel, adamantine and glimmersteel.

The current model uses the same look for iron and steel, adamantine has a blueish and glimmersteel a golden color.


  • Large shields have the greatest base percentage to block with the highest penalty against weapon speed. They are however, considered the ideal choice for shield users, as the massive parry chance increase far outweighs the additional attack speed deficit.
  • Large iron shields mitigate 20% more damage than large wooden shields but damage quicker.
  • You get a fast skill gain if you attack cows with autofight and just the shield on your left arm(CoC and SB help too).

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