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Main / Skills / Shields

Shields are crafted items used to protect the player from attacks during combat. Equipped in the shield slot of your left arm, it automatically blocks melee and ranged attacks based on your sub-shield skill and other varying factors (eg: Combat Rating and Body stats).

The default shield given to new accounts is a medium wooden shield which cannot be improved.

In PVP, to block arrows effectively, you need to turn your body approximately 90` to the right so that your shield is facing the enemy archer. The shield size also determines the effective arrow blocking radius. Smaller shields will have a tighter radius.

With regards to shield bashing, metal shields have a slightly higher chance to succeed and deal a slightly longer stun as opposed to their wooden counterparts. Larger shields also have a slightly longer cooldown timer for shield bashing.


There are multiple shields, each with its own subskill, with the exception of the Tortoise shield, which utilises Small wooden shield skill.


  • Shieldsman at 50 skill
  • Defender at 70 skill
  • Protector at 90 skill