Pottery smelting pot

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Pottery Smelting Pot
A Pottery Smelting Pot
  1. Activate hand
  2. Right-click clay (0.50 kg)
  3. Open submenu "Create > Containers"
  • 1 Pottery smelting pot (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


Made from an Clay smelting pot

Used for smelting finished metallic objects into recoverable metal, probably with a 90% material ql loss.


It is not a container but used as a tool. The items to melt needs to be heated beyond glowing hot. Smelting Pot ql determine maximum lump ql by a factor (63.41ql Smelting Pot gave maximum 82.43ql lumps and ql53.14 Smelting Pot gave a maximum of ql69.08 lumps).

Can be smelted

  • All metals can be smelted. (Tested on short-swords)
  • It is thought that all tools and weapons can be smelted, but testing is called for
  • Chain armor can be smelted(tested several metals)
  • Plate armor can be smelted(tested several metals) [Changed 2014-05-09]

Cannot be smelted

  • Locks and Keys

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