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In Wurm, a player can have up to 5 accounts(also known as 'alts') per email address. You may play as many characters at one time as you are able to.


Alts have many legal uses, some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Priest alt, to avoid priest restrictions on main account.
  • Storage without decay.
  • Farm affinities on pvp servers.
  • Spar/practice archery/kill for fighting skill.
  • Another character to help dig/mine/make bricks/etc.
  • Attending unique hunts for additional blood/dragon hide.
  • Deliveries.
  • Anything your main account can do.


It is illegal to use alts to bypass the /ignore system or moderation.

There are also some restrictions on pvp servers which make it illegal to abuse alts. Abuse of alts is any action taken using an alt against an enemy kingdom to gain an unfair advantage for a player's main character, at no risk to one's primary account, that would otherwise be unavailable to the user via normal gameplay. Examples of activities on alts that are against the rules include:

  • Using an alt in an enemy kingdom to attack or raid same-kingdom deeds
  • Using an alt in an enemy kingdom to kill same-kingdom players or animals or loot said corpses
  • Using an alt in an enemy kingdom to loot items or corpses during a raid to prevent winners from taking the items. Some examples of bypassing the game mechanics in this way are:
    • Example: Horde of The Summoned attacks a Jenn Kellon deed and uses a Jenn Kellon avatar to collect items from dying attackers, or the attacked deed or corpses to prevent Jenn Kellon defenders from taking the items.
    • Example: Mol Rehan attacks a Jenn Kellon deed and the Jenn Kellon defenders use a Mol Rehan avatar to collect items from play to prevent the Mol Rehan attackers from obtaining loot.
  • Any other activity against your alts kingdom that you are unable to accomplish on your main account without penalty or prevention by the reputation system.

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