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Some of the most common abbreviations used in-game.
Alternative Characters 
Rules for creating and using alternative characters.
Basic Knowledge 
This contains some important information about Wurm Online and how it differs from other online games.
Crude tools 
In case you find yourself alone in the wilderness with absolutely nothing.
A guide on how to heal yourself when you get wounded.
House Building Guide 
A guide on how to construct a house.
Guide to the Servers 
Summarizes the major differences between all of the servers that players may settle on.
A list of player-made maps.
Possibilities as a Wurmian 
Advice on things you should (or should not) do when you are new to Wurm.
A guide on religion and its effects.
Tile types 
An explanation of the different tiles found in Wurm.
Secure storage 
A guide on how to store goods to prevent theft.
All the important information about founding and managing a settlement.
A guide on skills, skill gains, and their effects.
What characteristics affect, and how they are raised.
How-to style guides made by wurmians.
Tips for Skills 
Some tips for helping to gain in the more commonly used skills.
Your first days in Wurm Online 
A quick guide for the most common questions new players have.

Or go directly to the complete database, a database of all items, creatures and more on Wurm.