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A Blood

Obtained by being in local range and having premium when a unique creature is slain.

  • Blood (0.10kg)
Skill and improvement


Blood from special creatures is said to have magic enchanting powers. This came from the <creature type>

Blood from unique creatures can be mixed with source salt to create potions that when applied to tools -- a process known as "imbuing" -- grant that tool a bonus to gathering or improving.


  • 0.10 kg of blood is given to all premium characters in local when a unique is slain, whether or not you attacked the creature or landed a blow.
  • Blood is not treated as a liquid by the game so it does not have to be held within a container.
  • The effect gradually wears off with use. The greater the strength of imbuement, the longer the effects will last.
  • Dispel will remove imbues from a tool, so use caution.
  • Salve of frost and potion of acid are disabled on Defiance server. Alternate potions are noted below.

Creatures and potions




In order to imbue an item with potion you must activate the potion, right click the item, and choose "Alchemy > Imbue".

  • The entire potion is consumed upon imbuement of an item.
  • Potion quality has the largest effect the strength of the potion's imbuement, while skill in natural substances has a lesser effect.
  • A single tool can be imbued by more than one type of ointment/potion imbue, e.g. blacksmithing and weaponsmithing both on one tool.

Skill imbuement

Potions of a particular skill, such as a Fletching potion or Ointment of stonecutting will improve the results of using those skills in various ways:

  • Better results in item creation. When creating items with an imbued tool, quality of results will be better on average, but will still have a maximum quality equal to that of the material.
  • Higher quality resources. When gathering raw materials with an imbued tool, quality of materials will be better on average, and can therefore be higher than normal maximum quality based on skill and ore vein quality.
  • Better item improvement. When improving an item with an imbued tool, the item will gain more quality and can be improved to a higher quality than your skill level would normally allow.

Examining the imbued tool will show: It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves (one of the following depending on type: [leather working, carpentry, mining, etc]) max ql [0-100]