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Main / Skills / Smithing / Blacksmithing / Anchor

A Anchor
  • Anchor (20 kg)
  • or lump (18 kg {-10%})
Skill and improvement


A heavy anchor made from <metal type> used to moor ships.


  • When creating, the quality of the large anvil affects your success chance.
  • When creating, the quality of the metal lump affects the initial anchor quality.
  • On failure, 2.0kg of lump is consumed.
  • Improving consumes up to 0.5kg of lump.
  • Is combined with a mooring rope to form a mooring anchor
  • Anchors made of metals with an anchor effectiveness of less than 100% (i.e. anything OTHER than Lead, Gold, Electrum, Seryll, Glimmersteel, Adamantine) may cause a ship to drift when moored with them.