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Mooring anchor
A Mooring anchor
  • Mooring anchor (20.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A mooring rope tied to an anchor.

Mooring anchor is a heavy weight used to hold a ship in place, so that it cannot be moved by elements nor thieves.


  • The rope determines your success rate and the anchor determines the (max) QL.
  • If you fail to create the mooring anchor, the rope will be destroyed.


To moor: Right-click ship -> moor. To unmoor: Right-click ship -> raise anchor.

Both captain and passengers can moor a vessel, but only the captain can raise anchor.


  • Anchors made of metals with an anchor effectiveness of less than 100% (i.e. anything OTHER than Lead, Gold, Electrum, Seryll, Glimmersteel, Adamantine) may cause a ship to drift when moored with them.
  • Anchors cannot be stored in bulk storage bin or crate.
  • WOA does not affect anchor hauling timer.
  • Anchors will not decay when mooring a ship, but will decay when left in the inventory of a ship that’s off-deed