Armour stand

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Armour stand
A Armour stand
Total materials
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.

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An armour stand used to keep your armour.

This decorative armour rack can be used as a container to store armour. It will change appearance between when being empty, and having at least 1 item stored inside.


  • Higher quality small nails increase your success chance for creating.
  • Failure creating causes the nails and the plank to take some damage.
  • Currently shows the look of studded leather armour whenever one or more items are inside.
  • Holds at least 1 set of all known types of armour.
  • To continue building it, you must put it on the ground.
  • It cannot be picked up once finished, though it can be push/pull/rotated.
  • Can be loaded into a large cart or wagon.
  • Can be loaded into ships other than rowing/sailboat.
  • Cannot be locked with small or large padlocks.
  • Does not prevent decay of items inside.

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