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Small padlock
A Small padlock
  • Small padlock (0.20 kg)
  • 1 key
Skill and improvement


A small metal padlock.

Can be attached to small and large chests, bulk and food storage bins as well as large carts.


  • The chest's inventory window must be closed before attaching or removing a padlock, otherwise the Lock and Unlock options are not available.
  • To lock a container, activate the padlock, right-click the container, and select Lock.


  • The quality of the small anvil affects your success chance when creating.
  • The quality of the metal lump effectively limits the quality of the lock.
  • Upon creation, a key will made along with the lock with the same quality.
  • It is a very good idea to give locks and keys a meaningful name as soon as they have been created.
  • Similar to a Large padlock, used to lock things.
  • Item owners no longer need keys to open, lock, or manage. Please read permissions Lock & Keys section.