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Damage is used to illustrate the concepts of wear-and-tear on items.

  • Items can accumulate damage through decay, usage, improvement failures or players and creatures destroying the item.
  • If an item reaches 100 damage it is destroyed. Damage on some items can be fixed by repairing or mending them.
    • However, damage on some items like food can not be fixed at all. Damage on them is permanent.
  • Damage reduces the effective QL of an item to QL * (1 - DMG/100). Example: A QL 20.8 log with 26.0 damage will only give QL 15.4 kindling.


Decay is the process of accumulating damage over time. The decay rate depends on the item type and where the item is stored. Logs, stone shards or dirt for example will completely decay within days while other items may even last months and years. Items made from cedar trees decay slower. However containers made from cedar do NOT protect their content better.

  • Items on deed, in buildings or in containers will decay slower.
  • Items in inventory will generally decay slower or will not decay at all. An exception to this rule is food. Meals, for example, decay faster in inventory than anywhere else, unless placed in a picnic basket or lunchbox.
  • Some items can be stored in bulk storage bins and food storage bins. Items in those special containers are exempt from decay but 5% of the content is lost every month, unless it is on a settlement.

Usage Damage

Usage damage is often referred to as just damage. Every time an item is used in an action it may get damaged a bit. Items made out of oaken wood or steel receive 20% less usage damage (stacks with the reduction from rarity).


Many immobile items like walls, fences, forges, ovens, looms, beds, coffins, huge tubs, large barrels, large chests, bulk storage bins and food storage bins can be destroyed by players. You need 21 body strength and a heavy tool like large maul for it. Mayors get a bonus when bashing structures on deed, and do more damage.

Some creatures may damage boats and carts in combat.


Should your character sustain damage, you will suffer one or more wounds of various severity. You can heal them by casting healing spells (see religion) or by using cotton as first aid. Healing covers will speed up the healing process, and are required for more severe wounds to stop bleeding, or getting worse.

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